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Let Us Introduce Ourselves....

Our names are Alicia and Chris Widener. We are the owners and operators of Drink Knox, a new upscale mobile bartending service in Knoxville, TN.

We have been married since 2010 and have 3 amazing, slightly crazy children.

We have talked for years about starting a small business (usually Alicia coming up with ideas and Chris ignoring her), but not this time. this time he got the bug and we jumped in with both feet.

We are not risk-takers, but we knew this idea would eat at us until we did it. So, after some research and a lot of prayer, we started the process of opening Drink Knox.

The process began with purchasing this little beauty. a 1969 vintage nomad. We are renovating her into an exciting bar option for weddings and special events.

Follow along with us as we complete renovations and start taking reservations. Very soon, you will be seeing us serving custom cocktails, along with a lot of fun, at special events around town!

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Can't wait to see it up and running

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