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Man, oh, man.....

Well, guys, It's august. which means summer is pretty much over and school has started back. #cueTHeCrazy But despite our personal lives going haywire, work on our Yet-To-Be-Named bar continues! (Thank you entirely to Uncle Nacho and Chip, with some Chris thrown in on his days off).

While the weather has been crazy, *thanks East Tennessee*, progress has definitely been made! We are toying with the idea of only showing parts of the trailer until the BIG reveal, but are undecided currently. so, until we decide, here are some sneak peeks of what has been done.


As you can see, it's been a hot, dusty and busy summer. THere has been even more accomplished since these pictures were taken, but we want to leave some mystery and (hopefully) some anticipation lingering. Any name suggestions out there? We need to name this new member of the widener family!

With that being said, we fully intend to start taking reservations for winter 2018/2019 (and beyond) around the beginning of september. We would love to up your Christmas party game with some local beer, signature cocktails and our newly renovated Rv! COntact us to make it happen!

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